If an ad gets rejected for violating conditions, the advertiser has the right to modify and republish. Theslotsmarket reserves the right to decide whether or not an ad meets the terms and overall spirit of Theslotsmarket.

Advertisements by companies Theslotsmarket reserves the right to decide whether an advertisement represents the company mentioned.

Advertisements by individuals Individuals using Theslotsmarket assure they use it for private non - commercial use with condition they have the right participating in legal and binding contracts.

Promotion Theslotsmarket may be used to promote sale, rental or joint venture of products as described in the main page categories. Running an advertisement purely for promotional purposes, without offering specific goods is prohibited unless special authorization has been given by Theslotsmarket. Ads used to optimize online affiliate marketing are not allowed.

Offers Offers described or requested in Theslotsmarket must comply with applicable laws and regulations of the country of where the goods are located and/or sold, rented from .

Advertisment Text The title of your ad should describe the product advertised, URL ( web addresses ) are not allowed . Irrelevant or non English characters are not allowed in the title. Theslotsmarket reserves the right to adjust the title of your ad to comply with the rules. The product must be described in the description of the ad. You may not use any of the areas to link to another page nor input company and/or contact data. Ads must not be copied from other places and/or if they are protected by copyright laws. You may not use search words or keywords in the ad text.

Language Ads must be written in English only.

Categories Ads should be placed in the category that best describes the product. Theslotsmarket has the right to move it to the appropriate category if necessary. Products that do not fit in any category must be placed in “other”.  Products not relevant to the site are not allowed.

Only one item per ad is allowed in the case that the “items for sale” chosen is 1. For more items the “items for sale” option has to be adjusted accordingly.

Duplicate : You may place several ads with the same object more than once . You must delete the old ad before installing the new . It is not allowed to place ads with the same product in different categories or regions.

Links The links in the ad must be relevant to the product or service being displayed. Conditions for listing apply to the link. You may not link to other similar ad or auction websites.

Pictures The pictures in the ad must be relevant to the product or service being displayed. The logos of companies are not allowed as images. You may not use pictures from other ads without permission. These are protected by copyright laws.

Pirated and counterfeit products Theslotsmarket does not allow advertising of pirated and counterfeit goods , eg copied games or copies of branded products . All products are considered to be certified as authentic by the advertiser the moment he or she places the ad.

Offensive content Advertisements or images that may be considered offensive to individuals , nations or public figures are not allowed. Cursing or not complete wording is also prohibited.

Unrealistic Deals Unrealistic offers are not allowed. The Theslotsmarket has the right to reject anything unrealistic. The advertiser has the right to adjust these terms when an ad gets rejected.

Costs Theslotsmarket will automatically withhold 15 % upon completion of a sale of a product published in the website. If the price for the sale is lower than the price on the ad (upon agreement between the buyer and the seller) Theslotsmarket will withhold 15% of that selling price. Payment is directed from the buyer to Theslotsmarket, Theslotsmarket pays seller 85 % of the deal closing price.

Shipment and import duties (if occur) are paid by buyer.

Payment: Payment may be done via invoice and bank transfer, paypal or credit card.

In case of the equipment sold are not in the condition described in ad it is up to buyer and seller to agree upon compensation. Theslotsmarket has personal contact with all sellers and strives for machines being in the condition described in ad but does not hold responsibility if not.